joe mcdonald artist

I am a self taught painter and screen printer living in Cornwall, England. My art is influenced by experiences in surf travel and living by the extraordinary coastline of Perranporth, North Cornwall. Where a tranquil sunset will relax, and a brutal sea will astonish. I work primarily in oil paint, sometimes to find the brightest of colours in life, but at other times to express shapes in the gloom and the dark. I lived for many years by the Prado Gallery in Madrid, and loved Goya and Velazquez. But, stylistically, my alternative influence is Hockney

My site, Supertubes, is an obvious reference to the ‘green room’, the place where surfer’s dreams are made. I want the website to be a collaborative place so I can bring in my partner, Mags, so she can get involved in screen printing, another medium of my work and making surf wax.

Surf wax?

Yeah we make surf wax! Lovingly designed and handmade by us. Miniature sculptures, every one of them! It’s a long story….